The LHCb collaboration

From Brits to Brazilians, Americans and Poles, the LHCb is a truly international collaboration. About 1700 scientists, engineers and technicians representing 100 different universities and laboratories from 22 countries are involved in the project (May 2023).

To cope with such a diverse range of interests, LHCb is run along democratic lines. At the top of the tree sits the Collaboration Board (CB), composed of one representative from each collaborating institute plus the LHCb management team. The CB is responsible for electing a chairperson from members of the collaboration for a three-year term. 

The LHCb collaboration brings together people from 73 institutes in 12 different countries

Running the LHCb

The management team consists of the Spokesperson, who is elected for 3 years, and the Deputy Spokespersons, Technical Coordinator and Resource Coordinator, who are nominated subject to approval by the CB.

A Technical board, chaired by the Technical Coordinator, oversees all aspects of detector design, construction, budgets and time schedules, and serves as an advisory body for the LHCb management. The Physics Planning Group, meanwhile, works to optimize the detector in terms of physics performance, complexity and cost, and answers technical design issues that impact upon the experiment. The Operations Planning Group brings together the project leaders from the physics, computing, trigger and online projects of the experiment, to ensure that data taking and analysis proceeds smoothly.