The new web based software does not need any download. You just get access to it by clicking at

access to exercise

The masterclass histogram merging script

The masterclass mass histogram merging script can also be used.

The following procedure can be used:
1) Collect all histograms in the same directory
2) run the histogram merging script, in order to add the histograms and create “incremental” gif files
3) during the discussion, show the gif files in sequence with animate
-delay XX…


Linux and OSX users

Linux or OSX users should download the exercise files using the following sequence of commands:

Masterclasses excercise

find the commands for Linux
find the commands for OSX

The users will also need to install a version of ROOT prior or equal to 6.16 before attempting to install the masterclass exercise, which can be downloaded. When compiling ROOT from source, it is necessary to enable the creation of additional libraries by using the following configure command:
./configure –enable-table –enable-opengl


The masterclass exercise for Windows can also be downloaded. We have two zipped files. The first one (that can be downloaded here) contains only 32 data sets but works on both 32 and 64 bit based machines. The second one (that can be downloaded here) contains many more data sets (more than 100) but will only work on machines which are 64 bit based. Both are zip files containing root and the masterclass exercise. Users need just to extract the archive and launch “start.bat”, and the exercise should work.

LHCb Masterclass virtual machine

The LHCb exercise is also available as a virtual machine for Virtual Box, as published on the CERN Open Data site.

This installation is easy and can be done all platforms, but requires administrative privileges and more RAM as 2GB should be reserved for the virtual machine.