2022 Schedule

  • February 24th VC2: Cagliari, Heidelberg
  • February 25th VC2: Bucharest, Moscow HSE, Milano Bicocca, Barcelona ICCUB, Cagliari
  • February 28th VC2: Geneva CERN
  • March 10th VC2: Bonn, Bari, Frascati, Birmingham, Ferrara
  • March 14th VC2: Genova, Padova, Bologna
  • March 18th VC2: Genova, Barcelona ICCUB, Bucharest, Perugia
  • March 23rd VC2: Pisa, Syracuse, Plymouth, Tegucigalpa, Lausanne EPFL
  • March 29th VC2: Pisa, Dortmund, Rio de Janeiro, Orsay, Valencia

Additional information can be found at the International Masterclasses schedule web page, in the file with instruction for connecting to LHCb masterclasses video conference and in the central masterclasses organisation web page which includes also templates for a possible local press release.