Outreach multimedia


  • LHCb – The Beauty Experiment – A high resolution film about LHCb, around 15 min long is available, at YouTube and CDS. The YouTube version allows you to choose subtitle language. It can be used, for example, during Open Days at LHCb Collaboration institutes.
  • b is for Beauty – Tara, Themis and Mike, CDS
  • LHC First Physics : First collisions in the LHCb’s experiment – March the 30th, 2010 YouTube, CDS
  • LHCb physics, interview with Tara Shears, CDS, March 30, 2010
  • The First Proton Proton Collision at LHCb November 23, 2009 YouTube, CDS
  • LHCNews Nov 23, 2009 – The LHC is back with… collisions! YouTube
  • CERN YouTube channel
  • LHCnews June 7, 2009 – LHCb got beam! YouTube
  • The Bottle to Bang CERN accelerator system CDS; (French version, produced at Annecy, is available)
  • First few events shown with the TEV event display with text in French mov
  • Videos explaining our flavour anomalies by University of Zurich [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]
  • Flavour anomalies by Chris and Harry
  • Flavour anomalies in SuperQuark program of Italian RAI TV
  • VELO (Run 1-2) closing fast and slow
  • SciFi: SciFiImageGalery photos, CERN photos
  • CERN videos content relating to Angels and Demons [Broken, Gedas 05.02.24]
  • Swiss Television Series ‘Einstein unterwegs’ visiting LHCb, 26.2.2009 (German, Swiss-German): best quality .mov (QuickTime); medium quality .avi (Windows Media), poorest quality .mp4 [Broken, Gedas 05.02.24]
  • animations and videos from Annecy in French [Broken, Gedas 05.02.24]

Status screens

  • LHCb Web news [Broken, Gedas 05.02.24], including LHC and LHCb live status screens and LHCb live event display. Runs, for example, with Mozilla Firefox in full screen mode or Internet Explorer Ctrl F11 on PC


Event displays and Posters

Detector views

  • November 2012 Detector Image pdf, jpg, png, low resolution for talks jpg, png, Poster A0/A3 pdf.
  • 3D detector file used for the crystal cube .obj
  • 3D detector file used for the 3D printer during CERN open days .stp .obj
  • 3D detector view in .psd format, in high res .jpg, in low-res .jpg
  • 3D detector view with figure to give scale in .psd format, in high res .jpg, in low-res .jpg; 3Dstudio original file max [Broken, Gedas 05.02.24] (jpg files not correctly seen with Internet Explorer)
  • DELHI explanation panels, Silicon Tracker, TPC, RICH, HPC

LHCb Virtual Tour

LHCb logo

  • Different formats of LHCb logo: eps, pdf, png S, png L, jpg S, jpg L, gif, tif, ai
    the original esp file was created by Rolf Lindner on 05/01/2021. This file was converted to other formats by the CERN Graphic Service. The files are identified with a number 0121 referring to January 2021.
    LHCb logo colours and fonts are defined here.
  • LGBT logo, small version
  • OLD Different formats of LHCb logo: CERN-EX-1004068, eps1, eps2, gif [Broken, Gedas 05.02.24], tif, jpg, pdf.