Visiting LHCb at Pit 8

Members of the LHCb community can organize guided visits to the LHCb exhibition area and to

the LHCb underground area from the 03/11/2023 to the 14/02/2023.

CERN members of the personnel who are not LHCb should place their request on the dedicated webpage of the Visits Service.

Timeslots for the exhibition area 

Monday to Saturday : between 08h00 to 10h00, 13h00 to 15h00 and after 17h00
Sunday : Anytime 

How to organise a visit

The first step is to check available slots in the DEDICATED AGENDA

Second step, click on visit type you would like to organise below :

LHCb and Delphi Itineraries


1.    LHCb Underground – Information for guides
2.    Surface exhibition
3.    Delphi
4.    CERN FAQ guide