LHCb underground area visit request

Visits can only take place from the 03/11/2023 to the 03/03/2024

Read carefully the instructions below befor submitting a request at the end of the page.

A visit to the underground area (Delphi and/or LHCb) of Pit 8 would be allowed providing that:

  1. It is given by an LHCb guide who
    1a) has the required access authorisations (see Access to Experimental Site on the LHCb homepage)
    1b) has been appointed as guide. See details on how to become an LHCb guide (to contact the LHCb guides click HERE).
  2. An Impact form for the visit has been submitted by the secretariat and approved.
  3. The number of visitors per guide does not exceed 12. Additional restriction applies if minor are present
    (See here for details)
  4. At the beginning of the visit the guide reminds visitors of the safety measures (you can find them and print them from here)
  5. During the visit, the LHCb guide must be equipped as follows:
    – wear an helmet
    – wear a working head light or carry a working flash light
    – wear safety shoes (shoes and flash lights are available at the control room, if needed)
    – carry a mobile phone (the phone number must be entered in the Impact form)
    – carry own personal dosimeter (it is recommended to read the dosimeter before going underground)
  6. Tokens and biometry keys can be retrieved shortly before the visit from the key cabinet in the control room next to the printers.
    The cabinet can be opened with the guide’s CERN access card and a movie on how to do it is available on the Escort appointment web page.
  7. At the end of the visit, the tokens and biometry keys should be returned in the same slot of the key cabinet by the guide
  8. At the end of the visit the supervisor has to fill the report information in the visit report (see “After the visit” in the guidelines)
  9. The visit can be cancelled on short notice for operational or safety reason

Safety rules applying to all visits at Pit 8 without exception

Persons equipped with any of the following: pacemaker, defibrillator, electronic medicine dispenser, hearing aid, metal implant, are not authorised into the undeground area, unless the dipole magnet remains off during the visit.

Each visitor must :

  1. wear a safety helmet (available in SX85)
  2. be equipped with closed shoes (no high heels, sandals, closed sturdy shoes etc.)
  3. stay with the group and must not wander around by himself (herself)
  4. be able to climb stairways
  5. not climb metallic structures and not enter barracks

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