LHCb has reconstructed an event having all characteristics of a Strange Beauty Particle decay! A computer view of this event is shown below. The Strange Beauty Particle (called Bs) is composed of an anti-quark b (b is for beauty) and a quark s (s is for strange). It is produced by the collision of two 3.5 TeV protons from the LHC at a location marked as “PV” (Primary Vertex), together with many other particles (not shown). The Bs decays after travelling about 1.5 mm into three particles called μ, Ds+ and neutrino ν at a place marked “SV” (Secondary Vertex). The ν is not detected since it can even traverse the whole Earth without any interaction. The Charm Particle Ds+ is composed of a c quark (c is for charm) and anti-quark s. The Ds+ particle decays in turn after travelling 6.5 mm into three long lived particles K+, K and π+ in a place called “TV” (Tertiary Vertex). The K+, K and π+ are traversing the LHCb detector where the tracking system is used to reconstruct their trajectories with such a very high precision that it is clear that the particles come from three different places called vertices.

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