The data sample used to obtain the LHCb results presented on this page was obtained using the integrated luminosity of 1.11 fb-1 recorded by LHCb during the 2010-2011 data taking period. The same inegrated luminosity has just been recorded this year, which corresponds to doubling the total available integrated luminosity. The data sample which can be used for physics analysis has more than doubled in the same time, since it is expected that the cross-sections for bb and cc quark-antiquark pair production have increased by 15% and 12%, respectively, at the increased pp collision energy of 8 TeV this year. LHCb physicists expect to more than triple their data set this year by the end of pp collision run at December, which should allow them to obtain even more interesting physics results.

You can follow live the progress of delivered and recorded luminosity at LHCb, the number of proton-proton collisions visible at LHCb, as well as the number of bb and cc quark pairs produced within the LHCb acceptance at the image above on this page.

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