How “penguins” can help LHCb to chase for new physics? – read explanations in the June issue of CERN Courier and then follow links to the LHCb physics results announced in the 13 March 2012 and 25 May 2012 news at this page.

The name of penguin appeared in particle physics in 1977 following a bet lost by CERN theoretical physicist John Ellis, see also explanations in the CERN Courier article. The original penguin diagram for b quark to s quark decay, where a gluon produces an ss pair, is shown in the image at the right hand side.

LHCb is investigating decays where a μ+μ pair is produced from a photon or from a Z boson as seen in the diagram on the left named as an “electroweak penguin”; the diagram on the right is a “box” diagram.

See also the hangout video,
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