Giovanni Passaleva from the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Firenze begins today his 3-year tenure as LHCb spokesperson. He takes over from Guy Wilkinson from the University of Oxford. Chris Parkes from the University of Manchester is the new deputy spokesperson for this period, taking over from Monica Pepe Altarelli from CERN.

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Giovanni and Chris will face the huge challenges of completing the run 2 data taking and preparing for the major LHCb detector upgrade to be installed during Long Shutdown 2, LS2. In the meantime they dream that the analysis of the Run 2 data could yield the discovery of new physics!

Guy and Monica – thank you for your excellent coordination in the past three years.

Giovanni and Chris – good luck.

Read more details at the LHCb Collaboration and CERN Webpages in English and French Web pages.

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