The 2011 proton-proton collision data taking period has ended today. LHC collider and LHCb experiment have been working extremaly well. LHCb has recorded all in all an impressive 1.1 fb-1 out of a 1.22 fb-1 delivered at 3.5 TeV.

“We’ve got from the LHC the amount of data we dreamt of at the beginning of the year and our results are putting the Standard Model of particle physics through a very tough test ” said LHCb Spokesperson Pierluigi Campana. “So far, it has come through with flying colours, but thanks to the great performance of the LHC, we are reaching levels of sensitivity where we can see beyond the Standard Model. The researchers, especially the young ones, are experiencing great excitement, looking forward to new physics.”

Read more in CERN Press release in English and French.

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